Helping youth to…
Honor God
   Overcome low expectations
     Persevere through life’s difficulties
        Encourage one another and their communities
HOPE RANCH YOUTH PROGRAM is a not for profit youth ranch where youth can come and experience nature and the outdoors. Our main goal is to teach kids through horses and ranch activities how to have good and desired work ethics and to teach them character traits that will help them to succeed in life! We encourage them to learn how to be great leaders in their families and communities and are continually teaching them about our Lord and Savior, and His great mercy that He gives to all of us no matter what is in our past. We run Rodeo Day Camps, Lesson Programs, Horse Therapy Programs, Overnight Camps and Wrangler Programs for youth ages 8-18. Some of the activities that the kids get to experience are: horsemanship, riding lessons, arena riding, trail riding, crafts, Bible studies, roping, shooting and other ranching activities.